Wednesday, October 04, 2006

No time at all...

I have not blogged in several days, and it's likely to be another several. I hope to have a little time this weekend, but other than that, I'm going to be really busy the rest of this week--test week is rearing its ugly head. And next week, I'm taking a break from blogging (and probably even cooking, for the most part) for personal reasons. So don't think I've disappeared--I just have some things to take care of.

I have done some cooking recently, and I wanted to show you all the few things I've been up to in that regard. On Sunday for brunch after church, I made the Apple Oatmeal Pancakes from Vive! along with another shot at the Tempeh Bacon from VWaV. The tempeh worked out a lot better this time--I took someone's advice and tried a different brand (I don't remember the name of the brand, but I will recognize it in the store again), and it did not crumble at all. Perfect! Again, the flavor is just so wonderful. As for the pancakes, they were quite delightful. There's no wheat flour in the recipe--it's entirely ground oats. The texture was like nothing I've ever seen before. They were a little tricky to flip, but they were really wonderful and light. The apple slices in the batter were very tasty. I think on the whole we liked the Banana Bliss Pancakes better, but this recipe is one I'll gladly make again!

On Sunday evening, I made the Roasted Red Pepper and Mushroom Soup from The Grit. It was a really simple recipe, and it made enough for both of us to eat all week! It's pretty low fat too, which is a pleasant surprise because when I had it at the restaurant it didn't look low fat at all. It's really creamy tasting, but that comes from a whole jar of puréed roasted red peppers and a little bit of soy milk. I love the color--it almost looks like butternut squash soup. Mmmm... I need to have some of that sometime soon.

On Monday we had leftovers for lunch, and for dessert I wanted to try the "shake & make" ice cream that Vicki made with her beautiful kids! I added 1/4 tsp. of peppermint extract to the mixture, and it was great--it's been a long time since I had homemade ice cream! It melted quickly--next time I'll try more ice and see if that helps.

Monday night Bob took me out on a surprise date! We went shopping downtown--I found a used copy of Coda in a used music store, thereby completing my collection of Led Zeppelin albums. Cool! Then we went to Bombay Cafe, a quite authentic Indian restaurant downtown. The vegan items on the menu are marked, and when we told our server that we were vegan, he had the store owner himself come and take our order so that he could ensure that everything was vegan! Very cool! They brought us some papad, which is a crispy lentil wafer, as an appetizer. Then I ordered the Spring Dosai, which was curry-spiced vegetables wrapped inside a lentil crepe. Bob got the dhal and roti. It was a delicious meal. We had not been to that restaurant in a long time, not since before we went vegetarian even. But now that we know the place is so friendly to vegans, AND pretty cheap, I hope we can go back more often.

That's it for me. I hope to have a little time this weekend to post and to catch up with all your blogs a little bit. After next week, life will slow down again and you'll see more of me around. Have a happy week! Peace to you all.


Nikki said...

Hope all your tests and everything go well! The food looks wonderful as always.

bazu said...

I totally understand about stress and needing to take care of things in "real" life- good luck with everything! I look forward to reading your blog and drooling at your photos when you get back!

Gaia said...

I tried the Banana Bliss recipe after seeing your blog about them. :)

Sending you good thoughts !

Don't Get Mad Get Vegan! said...

best of luck with all the tests! at least we know your brain is being fueled by wonderful (and beautiful!) foods! :)

yay for finding Coda...we named one of our lil' rescue kitties Coda after that albumn.

Midwest Vegan said...

Good luck with your tests! That soup looks so good.

Doncha' just love Indian food? It's my fave!

Vicki said...

hey laura, i'm pleased that you tried the shake & make ice cream-- didn't your hands freeze?! :o)

we used to go to a bombay cafe in los angeles & by the sounds of it, it's the same game. there was an appetizer that we LOVED! i think it is called pompuri??? little pastry balls filled with lentils?? and you fill them up with a spicy juice and pop the whole thing in your mouth. we crave them like crazy. way to go bob, taking laura out on a surprise date!

terrific looking tempeh -- we like Turtle Island Five Grain.


Candi said...

Hi Laura!
Your food looks amazing, as usual! I have never had the tempeh bacon (tempeh still scares me!) Lol! but yours look great! I like the idea of oat flour in the pancakes too!

Oh, I'm glad you had a great date night! The restaurant sounds awesome, and it must have been nice to be treated so well there!

Good luck with your tests nad taking a bit of time for yourself! :) :)

Kate said...

Fantastic pictures! You will be missed, both your blog and your wonderfull comments. The pancakes look so good. I had no idea it was possible to make them with no flour and all oats. I have been looking for oat recipes bcause I bought an industrial size bag of organic oats last week form the health food store. Good luck with tests!

KleoPatra said...

Sending good thoughts to you, Laura!!

By the way, i just love the breakfast food... tempeh bacon, oatmeal apple pancakes... mmmmmmm! And on that gorgeous plate again... lovin' it.

Very nice you had a surprise date. How cool and sweet of Bob! What a great husband you have, Laura.

And who knew you liked Led Zep!? Ramble on! (I like 'em, too!)

Johanna3 said...

Hope all your tests and everything go well to you!

funwithyourfood said...

Richard had tests last week too.. Ek it's been busy and tough. Hope you did well!!


Megan the Vegan said...

roasted red pepper and mushroom soup...I love the sound of that!!!

Urban Vegan said...

Nice catching up with you! What wonderful vittles.

I love class Led Zep. Robert Plant was my very first crush.

Gaia said...

Hi Laura ! Thanks for visiting :) I came to answer your question with this bilingual comment :D

Certaines personnes traduisent "vegan" par "végétalien" mais on voit souvent le terme "végétalien" pour désigner quelqu'un qui ne consomme pas de produits animaux, incluant le miel sans mention des autres produits animaux non comestibles.

Alors pour éviter la confusion, un francophone peut choisir de se décrire comme étant "vegan"; il veut alors qu'on en comprenne qu'il fait plus que ne pas manger des produits animaux, mais qu'il n'utilise pas non plus toutes les choses citées ou la plupart des choses citées.

Comparatively, I have heard that some vegans now use the term "Vegitan diet" instead of "Vegan diet" because they don't want to be identified with the ethical side but more with the diet/health side of veganism.
Vegsource says "The key is that the word "vegitan" in and of itself connotes no political, ideological or philosophical ideals. It's simply a word that describes a diet."

That is what I was trying to say. Becauce it is somethimes the same thing for "végétalien"; it may or may not connote ideals so that is why some people use "vegan" instead.

Au revoir ! ;-)