Thursday, December 28, 2006

A merry little Christmas

I have been checking up with a few of you, but I know that blogging is not #1 priority right now. I hope to catch up with the rest of you as soon as life gets back to normal!

As for me, I had a great visit with my family, even though our Christmas was warm and stormy (even to the point of tornado weather). My sister and I have a tradition of making sugar cookies on Christmas eve, and this year was no different--except she was kind enough to let me veganize the recipe. I just made a quick glaze for mine, with powdered sugar and soy milk and vanilla and a little bit of Earth Balance, and I glazed them when they were hot out of the oven. I will share this recipe soon--it's one of my mom's, and I will have to get her to send it to me.

I don't have a whole lot of food to share--one night we just ate vegan Boca burgers, and one night Bob and I had our leftover lasagna which I had taken just in case. We did make stir-fry one night and I sautéed some tofu for me and Bob, but I didn't photograph it--you have all seen sautéed tofu before, I am sure. But for Christmas, my mom did make a nice meal, and she did everything in two pans--the vegan version for us, and the regular version for them. She cooked a turkey too, and I did not bring enough tofu to make a meatless entrée (and where are you going to find tofu on Christmas day?), so we just made a meal out of stuffing, squash, and green beans. I still have a Tofurky in the freezer, so I will probably cook it now that we're home, to have with the leftovers. But here is the vegan version of the stuffing:

It's just made with a wild rice mix, a sautéed onion, some mushrooms, vegetable broth, and seasoned stuffing mix--which was actually vegan, though I expected it not to be. My mom put sausage in hers, and if I had had the option I would have added Tempeh Sausage Crumbles from VWaV... but it was just fine without it. It was a nice meal, and it was fun to be in the kitchen with my mom again.

One of Bob's friends gave him a book called The New Vegan Cookbook by Lorna Sass as a Christmas gift, and I have flipped through it already. It looks like there are some interesting things in there to try. I received a lovely picture book called Vegetarian Sushi, which is exciting mostly because it has large color photographs displaying how attractive and artful even meatless sushi can be--and I am excited to try out some of the recipe suggestions. But on the cookbook front, my favorite gift by far was this one from Bob (which I think he picked out for selfish reasons, but that is fine with me):

But I am seriously going to have to wait to try it out until some of these cookies and everything else have worn off a little bit.

Funny story: Bob and I got each other one of the same gifts for Christmas. Have you seen the movie The Last Unicorn? It's a 1980s animated movie, and we both love it. Apparently we each picked it out for the other one for Christmas! We're so silly.

Tonight, Bob and I are going to Atlanta to see The Nutcracker at the Fox Theatre, and I am so excited because I have never seen it before and it is something I have wanted to do all my life! We are taking his brother and his two sisters along with us, as our Christmas gift to them. I just know it's going to be fun and special.

Everyone take care! If I do not catch up with you before then, be safe and have fun for the new year. Peace.


Melissa West said...

That is so adorable that you bought each other the same gift! Love the Christmas vegan stuffing and sugar cookies. Next year, when I am feeling better I hope to be more creative with Christmas dinner. Love the post, can't wait to see some cupcakes, you are going to love that book - pure bliss!

Celine said...

the cookies look so scrumptious!!!!!

Urban Vegan said...

The rice, stuffing and cookies look amazing. How adorable that you bought each other the same gift. You are simpatico.

Anonymous said...

Oooh yummy!! I can't wait to see what you make out of VCTOTW. So cute that you two bought each other the same gift. You two are adorable together. Those are very festive sugar cookies. Glad you were able to easily veganize them.

Candi said...


Those cookies look very good! I look forward to seeing how you made that glaze so perfectly!! How nice of your sister to let you veganize them too!! :)

That stuffing looks great!

I love how you bought that same movie for each other!! That photo is really adorable!! Britty loves that movie so much! I just showed her the picture of you both and she said you are so cute! :)

Hope you have a great New Year!!

Dori said...

I haven't seen that movie yet, but now after such a cute advertisement you two make I am going to find it and watch it with my kids soon. Your cookies are sure cute... almost as cute as you and Bob.

I could make a meal on that great looking stuffing. I like wild rice, yum!

Anonymous said...

How funny that both you and your hubby bought the same gift!

I'd love for you to post your sugar cookie recipe. I didn't have much luck veganizing the one I usually use.

Glad you had a happy holiday.

funwithyourfood said...

OMG richard LOVES that movie. haha.