Thursday, December 07, 2006

The story of my life

Hi friends... I just wanted to pop in for a minute and say that I'm sorry I have not been posting very frequently lately. It turns out I am sick AGAIN--this time with some kind of sinus infection. I think (I hope) I'm on the road to recovery now, but I literally have hardly gotten off of this couch in two days. The only thing I've managed to muster up in the kitchen was a peppermint hot chocolate. Not exactly photo-worthy.

I've never been prone to sickness before, so it's kind of odd that I have been sick so much these past few months. I take a lot of care to eat a balanced diet; I hope I'm not missing out on any vital nutrients to support my immune system! Any ideas?

I have some exams next week, so I may disappear again for a few days (I hope not). I wanted you all to know that I have been reading your blogs these past few days, but have not mustered up any comments because I've been drifting in and out of sleep...

I'll be back soon, but for now I'll leave you with a picture of the prettiest sunset I've seen in ages, which we saw as we were driving home from visiting Bob's family on Sunday evening. With this, take care! You are wonderful people!


bazu said...

Feel better soon! Judging from your blog, I can't honestly think of any nutrients that you seem to be missing! Just remember, there is no such thing as too much vitamin C!

I know from the experience of several people in my family that some people are just prone to having sinus infections for some reason. Maybe something to get checked out?

Eat Peace Please said...

What a beautiful sunset. I hope you get well again Laura. Watch "Ferris"!!!

About the nutrients, based on what you post here, you seem to have a well-balanced diet. It could also be your environment not you. Are there any new buildings or weird things going on in your area? Do you live in a different place than before you started getting sick often? Are you relating your diet to sickness because the change was both around the same time (or was it not?)? Sorry for so many questions, it's just things to ponder.

If you are ever really curious about your nutrients in your blood you could have a test. I loved having mine this year, above average on so many things including proteins and iron(I could go on...). That should be your last bet.
How about making some fresh ginger tea with lemon? That could clear you right up.

aTxVegn said...

That's a beautiful shot of the sunset!

Hopefully your illness is only due to the stresses of the end of the semester. All my family used to be sick every Christmas, after finals - not enough sleep, stress, etc. So don't stress over being sick!

Take care and good luck with exams.

Vivacious Vegan said...

I hate sinus infections and can totally sympathize with you. I hope yours clears up very soon and you're back to your usual chipper self.

Dreena said...

Laura, sorry to hear you have a sinus infection - I've had them in the past, and the last time when I was prego. I'm with Leslie about the ginger tea - in fact, I drink it daily to support my immune system. Chop fresh ginger (the finer, the stronger), and you can add a green or other tea bag if you like, then boiling water. Drink several a day if you can. It is antibacterial. Also garlic is antibacterial. If you can take it, get some organic, high-quality oil of oregano - potent stuff to take but also potent to fight off viruses, bacterial infections, etc. Also, astragalus is a very powerful for the immune system if you need an immunity boost. You may want to talk to someone at a health food store for more info specific to sinus infections. Good luck, rest up as well! :)

Dori said...

Hope your sniffer is better soon. I am battling a sore throat and can't sleep tonight. Ihave been drinking a tea called echinacea complete care and taking some over the counter homeopathic remedy called cold reduce which really seems to help. Hope your finals go well. I acomplete my program on Wednesday, gee I wonder what I'll do with myself after that? hehe, the kitchen looks empty.

Johanna3 said...

hope both of you feel better soon, i have a cold that start yesterday so i think i will follow too the tips from Leslie and Dreena. hugs to you :)