Friday, August 25, 2006

Much to blog...

Well, not really that much to blog. It's been several days, but they've been busy days. We finally finished up the lentil soup, and it's the weekend, so I'll be moving on to better things.

But here's what we've been eating lately. This is a Lemon Gem Cupcake from VWaV (p. 228), inspired by my best friend's 22nd birthday, which was Wednesday. I would highly recommend these cupcakes to anyone who likes lemon-flavored treats! I reduced the sugar in the cupcake somewhat(I used raw sugar and it worked great), and it was still very sweet. The only difficulty I had with these was the icing--it never got very firm, and so these treats have had to stay in the fridge up until the very moment when it was time to eat it. But they're so good! Somehow I've managed to stay out of them, and give most of them away...

On Wednesday we whipped up another pizza. We had some leftover basil-tofu ricotta and pizza sauce that we wanted to use up. Bob said he thought this was the best pizza we've made; I might agree with him. We put a layer of spinach between the sauce and the ricotta, and we topped it with eggplant, bell pepper, and jalapeño (I won't tell you about the jalapeño incident we had...ouch). There's also a bit of pesto on there, but we went light.

Here's another picture of the pizza, to illustrate what we thought of it. This one was Bob's idea.

This morning I made baked oatmeal from Fat Free Vegan, substituting applesauce for the shredded apple, and using frozen blueberries instead of fresh. It's definitely a wonderful breakfast, served with hot tea.

Last time I made my banana cream dessert, I finally decided to take a picture. So here it is in the mini food processor, looking all swirly and cool:

Banana "Ice Cream"

1 frozen banana, cut into chunks
1-2 tablespoons soy milk
Splash vanilla
Dash cinnamon
Agave nectar, if desired
Anything else you might want

And here it is all dished up:

Tonight, dinner was sort of an afterthought. I overbooked myself on meetings and such for this evening, so when I saw Bob about to make some queso with Dragonfly's Bulk Uncheese Mix from, I decided we should make dinner out of it. So we mixed it on the stove with some salsa and a can of vegan refried beans and some Louisiana hot sauce, and we had instant bean dip.
We used to like this kind of meal from time to time when we were vegetarian, but haven't had anything like it since cheese left our diet. It was quick and not entirely healthy, but not entirely unhealthy either. I really like it with Guiltless Gourmet blue corn chips. I did have a salad as well...

Thanks for all your tempeh comments. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who hasn't taken the leap yet! But I am going to do something with it tomorrow. What? Well, I haven't figured that out yet...


Vicki said...

the T-Shirt says it all! :o)

KleoPatra said...

Oh girl, that PIZZA! Hellooooooooooooo pizza. That really whets my appetite. Holy moley, mama, maybe the best food i've seen on the 'net tonight.

The oatmeal is bursting with blueberries; that's just how i would like it! And that plate... wow! Lovely, Laura.

The cupcakes look SUPER, and the photo must have been taken right after you pulled 'em from the fridge 'cause the frosting looks perfect there...

The banana cream dessert is gorgeous! Swirly fun.

Nicki Baker said...

the pizza looks so gooood! thanks for stopping by my blog too :)