Thursday, August 17, 2006

Scrambled Tofu

This is the Scrambled Tofu from Vegan With a Vengeance (p. 12). Verdict: It was so good! I left out the carrot and I added some bell pepper, and I sautéed in water rather than oil. Besides chopping the vegetables, this was no fuss at all to make. I drained the tofu last night so I would not have to worry about it this morning.

When I make this again (soon!), I will play with the spices. I thought the cumin was a bit too strong, and the dish could have used more heat. I topped mine with cayenne pepper as an afterthought, but next time I will cook it in.

We had this with whole wheat sourdough toast spread with cream "cheese" and blackberry preserves. By the way, the cream "cheese" recipe is really good, although I had to eat it a few times before it grew on me. I guess it just didn't taste the way I expected. But I will definitely make it again and keep it on hand.

Last night I made sloppy lentils again, with more kale this time. Lunch today will be leftover sloppy lentils with sourdough bread. After class gets out this afternoon I'm driving up to a lake outing with the accounting firm I'll be working with next year. Tennis, waterskiing, swimming... I'm excited. And I already let them know I'm vegan these days, so I'm really hoping that I'll be able to eat without much trouble.

My schedule for the semester is filling up fast, but that's okay. I'll still find time to do the things I love!

Well, I guess I'm taking off until the weekend. Have a good day! Peace.


Aarwenn said...

This looks incredible. I must make it immediately. The end.

KleoPatra said...

Hey that all looks so great. And that plate - breathtakingly gorgeous, Laura!