Friday, August 11, 2006

Not-quite-pesto sandwich

That eggplant that's been lying around on my counter for several days now--I finally sliced it up and grilled it and made sandwiches for lunch today. I grilled the eggplant and some red onion, and then I assembled the sandwiches and grilled the whole thing like a panini.

Several days ago SusanV made a white bean pesto that she used to top pasta. I thought this would be yummy on my sandwiches, so I made up a batch. I hesitate to call this "pesto," since it really is more of a hummus consistency. But the yummy part is accurate! It has so much flavor, and it really made the sandwich kick!

So, between two slices of the bread that I made a couple of days ago (and which is almost gone), I layered a thick slathering of the pesto, grilled eggplant slices, grilled red onion, and tomato slices. A few minutes in the George Foreman, which I brushed with some olive oil, and lunch was served! Along with it, just a small salad with cucumber and mango. We finally finished of our abundance of mango this afternoon!

For dinner tonight: leftovers. Yes, there are plenty. Likely lunch and dinner tomorrow will be leftovers as well, especially since the hubby is working all day long. :( But I'll probably do something fun tomorrow in my kitchen--breakfast maybe? More bread? We'll just see...


Vicki said...

your sandwich looks so yummily inviting! big compliment since i sort of have an eggplant phobia. i'd eat this! :o)

KleoPatra said...

Can i tell you how amazing that sandwich looks? I am big on sandwiches. I keep a loaf or two of Ezekiel in my freezer to make something (not as great as what you made here, not even close!) and i can never get enough. Easy, healthy, tasty.

I gotta get me a George Foreman grill!!