Thursday, August 10, 2006

My favorite...

Sushi is one of my favorite things ever. I haven't gotten great at making it yet, but I've made several attempts. Tonight I decided to take on a new challenge: Rice-on-the-outside sushi. As you can see from the photo, I still need some practice. But it got easier with each roll, and by the third one I felt like I was really getting the hang of it.

The two rolls on each side in the picture are cucumber, mango, and toasted almond rolls. These were Bob's favorite. The contrast of different textures in the roll was very interesting, and the toasted almond really packed a lot of flavor. Success!

The roll in the middle is sweet potato, boiled and mashed with chili powder, lime juice, and fresh minced ginger, along with some sliced cucumber for a crunch. I loved the flavor of the sweet potato in these rolls, but agreed with Bob that something else crunchy, perhaps some carrots or mung bean sprouts, would have made this roll a bit nicer. There is plenty of leftover sweet potato mash, so perhaps I'll give this one another shot.

We had some steamed edamame, our favorite appetizer, along with the sushi. I love it crisp, and sprinkled with just a dash of coarse sea salt.

Last night there was no cooking--Bob took me on a date to The Grit! It was so fun to be there! Their special last night was Moroccan stuffed butternut squash with chickpea-tomato curry sauce, and it was incredible. I'll have to try to reproduce it at home some time. Bob got the Mid-E platter, served with hummus, falafel, and tabbouli salad. We came home quite stuffed, and quite pleased.

I've been contemplating this eggplant that's been sitting on my counter for several days now. Perhaps an eggplant dish soon...
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Harmonia said...

Hi! I saw you on Vicki's Blog an thought I would stop by. Nice place you have here. Mind if I link you? Incase you are blog hopping later...I'm at:

Melody said...

Your Sushi looks great! I've never tried rolling the inside out rolls.. Now I have a craving! I might have to make some sushi for dinner.

Love the lasagna and bread from your last post.. how was the bread? I saw that recipe, but was hesitant to make it because I can't imagine not kneading the dough, but it looks great.

laura jesser said...

Hi Harmonia! I actually came across your blog for the first time earlier today... Very cool! Of course you can link me--I'll link you too! Glad you stopped by!

Hi Melody! The bread came out pretty well, I thought--I was skeptical about the no kneading thing too, but it slices fine and doesn't crumble or anything like that. (I actually ended up kneading it to a degree as I was trying to work all the flour in.) If you make it, I would recommend adding the molasses. I forgot to add it, and I think without it the flavor is just slightly bland. And, I had a hard time getting the seeds to stick on the top. But I'll definitely make it again--this loaf is almost gone!

I've been looking around your blog lately, and I have to say your burgers and everything else look fabulous. Thanks for your encouraging comments!

Midwest Vegan said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I love sushi too -- you've given me some ideas for when I tire of avocado and veggie rolls.

I've enjoyed reading through your previous posts.

Beata said...

Your sushi looks awesome! I'm glad you decided to try it. You even did the hard kind - with the rice on the outside. I can't roll those to save my life.

funwithyourfood said...

Sushi is my favorite too! When I lived in the dorms in college our cafeteria had a raffel and the winner received a sushi making kit. Welp- I WON! With the kit i can make HEART shaped sushi. hmm I should dust that thing off and use it


KleoPatra said...

Gorgeous sushi. I'm a big fan of edamame, by the way, so that caught my eye big time, Laura!