Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Not much kitchen activity

Boy, it has been a long day... My brain is toast right now. I couldn't sleep last night so I felt sick and exhausted at work, and I ended up working on a project that turned out to be about six times harder than we expected. I worked late, and still didn't finish--it will be on my desk in the morning when I arrive, staring at me!

Looks like I won't be cooking anymore until the weekend. Tonight Bob and I have a double date with some friends from Knoxville, and this will be our last chance to go out with them for a while. Tomorrow night the firm is having a social, and we'll be eating dinner at the Mellow Mushroom (a pizza place--we'll see what ensues there... pizza places should have salads, right???). And Friday night Bob and I are hanging out with our good friend who is moving to Mexico this weekend! So I'm going to be on the go for the next several evenings. Too bad--I really enjoy writing about my cooking fun! But there will be lots to write about this weekend, as I celebrate being back in my own kitchen to stay!

In the meantime, I wanted to show you my favorite cookbook for right now--actually, the only vegetarian cookbook I own! Athens, Georgia is home of my favorite restaurant ever, The Grit. Unlike in some vegetarian restaurants, this one actually has quite a lot of vegan or easily veganizable options. The cookbook also has many vegan recipes--all my favorites are vegan, such as the Black Bean Chili (man, this is making me want some right now!). If you're ever around Athens, this is really a place to check out.

There are so many cookbooks I would love to buy right now, but I'm going to have to build my collection slowly. Vegan With a Vengeance seems to be pretty popular, so I was thinking of starting out with that. What are your favorite veg*n cookbooks?

Of course, I'm so excited about Vegan Lunch Box that I'll probably buy it the first chance I have!

So I may not be around for a couple of days, but I plan on cooking many good things soon! Posted by Picasa


funwithyourfood said...

nava atlas has some good book. She also has a blog too. I like dolce la vegan. I also just buy vegetarian books b/c they're pretty easy to vegan-ize or they have vegan options in them.

hope that helps

KleoPatra said...

We'll be here! Hope you have a good week and even better weekend!!!

And Laura, by the way, that looks like a most excellent cookbook!

Urban Vegan said...

The Grit. I'm so there.

Here are my favorite vegan cookbooks: